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In this issue of the Journal of Applied Cosmetology, we have published some interesting articles which deserve particular emphasis and attention.

A paper published by Dr. Orrù and co-workers shows the effects of a topical treatment with a dermo-cosmetic gel based on bromelain and Mediterranean ingredients. This paper is interesting because it considers both the gel in topical use and the same gel along with an oral supplementation using the same substances. It seems that this kind of treatment is well-tolerated and highly efficacious for oedema and localized fat, mainly in women.

In this issue, you will find an interesting general review by Dr Turkevych; this review shows a

critical viewpoint on the cultural influence of drugs in regard to soft tissue augmentation over the years and is still a controversial issue today. Dr Turkevych is a renowned worldwide expert on this issue. His critical viewpoint is, in fact, a statement of a great expert in his field.

There are also two case reports in our issue. The first is from Dr Agosta and co-workers and the readers’ attention to the figurate eczema of the forearm in the profession of hairdressing. Hairdressers are really exposed to many kinds of allergic disorders and the forearm is an unusual localization.

The paper written by Vescovi and co-workers deals with endosphères therapy, which is a new noninvasive treatment for facial aging. This kind of therapy has been developed mainly in aesthetic research and is becoming more and more popular among dermatologists and anti-aging-oriented doctors.

Dr Bellomo and co-workers bring to the attention of the readers two different methods for the treatment of lymphedema and use these methods in this comparative study. The two methods are the Ketogenic diet plus Endospheres and Ketogenic diet and Vodder lymphatic drainage. The comparison of these two kinds of treatments is extremely interesting, and it seems to offer excellent results in patients with lymphedema at any age, without side effects, and with a rapid outcome.

Dr Bacci and Dr Saggini present a paper where they demonstrate the effect of compressive microvibration with endosphères therapy. This new method constituted a real revolution in non-invasive clinical and dermo-cosmetic treatments, and to date does not present any kind of side effects. According to the study, it seems that excellent results have been achieved in treated patients.

This issue of the Journal of Applied Cosmetology is a truly international issue and brings updated reviews and new and original data coming from research and case presentations, which are giving the scientific community an enormous chance to absorb new information and develop new treatments for their own patients. Moreover, according to the original studies, it seems they could represent the basis for further studies to be developed by other groups of researchers thanks to the excellent results achieved so far.

Torello Lotti MD, FRCP (Edinburgh)

Editor in Chief

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