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T. Lotti. Highlights of this issue (91)

Evaluation Studies

V. Cattaneo, G. Rizzi, R. Vicini, F. Ferulli, C. Angelinetta, O. Pastoris and M. Barbieri Carones. Preclinical and clinical safety and efficacy assessment of an organic cotton medical device

for the management of moderate to heavy urinary incontinence (93/109)

Original Articles

A. Dziki, A. Matusik-Tabor and M. A. Malinowska. The potential of selected plant extracts in anti-acne skincare formulations (111/131)

Comparative Studies

G. Martínez Grau and C. Gómez Martín. Comparative study of the efficacy of a Chelating Cream in patients with bruises after blepharoplasty: a pilot study (132/146)

Clinical Trials

V. Kage, A. Welling, P. Gurudut, S. Patil, R. Phadke, M. Joshi and S. Govindaswamy. Novel vibration therapy (MaRhyThe®) on cosmetic healing effects for facial Acne vulgaris (147/160)

Letters to the Editor

P. Morganti. Material science and bionanotechnology: extracts of a meeting (161/175)

A. Tammaro, G.A.R. Adebanjo, C. Chello, A. Capalbo, S. Alexander, G. Trischitta,

M. Pezza, E. Cavalieri and P. Pellegrini. Bullous pemphigoid associated with pleural mesothelioma: a controversial etiology. Were the bullous lesions induced by pembrolizumab or related to malignancy? (176/179)

P. Amori, G. Vitiello and R. Sadoughifar. A new device for the treatment of localized adiposity (180/183)


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