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Vascularizing action of the compressive microvibration endospheres


The aging processes of the face and body are mainly linked to the cellular characteristics

referred to the lower use of oxygen and reduced mitochondrial activity with tissue purification deficiency and activation of inflammatory or degenerative processes that lead to fibrosis and to female evolutive fibroadenoma, so-called cellulite. All medical and aesthetic methods are today aimed, first of all, at improving tissue vascularization with an increase in temperature and consequent activation of metabolic activities, reducing inflammatory and degenerative processes. Compressive Microvibration Endosphères uses 55 rotating microspheres to create particular vibratory stimuli on the energy points and on the tissues in order to obtain optimal functional responses to vascularize, drain and regenerate, finally to reduce the pain of the tissues with fibroadenoma and lymphatic stasis. In 2007, the preliminary studies of this method were presented; since then and up to now, there have been interesting studies and clinical experiences that show a constant and typical vascularizing action and thermal tissue increase that opens interesting reflections about

the relationship between microvibration and vascularization. In light of current scientific knowledge, the retrospective study is the aim of this work.

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