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Today’s vision on environment, health and skin care

Due to an earth always more polluted and a continuous health deteriorating for the stressful way of living, consumers are looking worldwide for cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals more effective, safe and respective of the environment. Thus a continuous increase of the food, cosmetic market and the global wellness economy evaluated USD 4.2 trillion in 2017.Consumers are further looking for natural-oriented and personalized age-agnostic products which, having an holistic approach, are able to maintain the natural skin and global microbiota, reducing the stress condition to give emotional and physical benefits at short and long time. Thus, the research for innovative and smart cosmetics, diet supplements and services which, characterized for their high technological quality and the natural ingredients used, are able to maintain beauty and wellness of all the body, improving the general skin conditions. Use and activity of natural polymers such as chitin and lignin and their derived compounds to produce innovative cosmetics and diet supplements are reported and discussed. These natural ingredients are actually of great interest because obtainable as by-products at low cost from food and forestry waste by bionanotechnologies.


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