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Therapy of common acquired melanocytic nevi by shaving followed by touch with diathermy

Background: The ordinary surgery of common acquired melanocytic nevi (CAMN) is excision and suturing when nevi are small, but when large, excision is followed by graft or flap. Objective: To find simple alternative modes of treatment like shaving and simple touch with diathermy for small nevi especially when are multiple or numerous. Patients and Methods: This is a prospective interventional study where seventeen patients were enrolled in the study, 13(76.47%) females and 4(23.52%) males, their ages ranged between 12-36 years with a mean 22years with a total of 52 ordinary common acquired melanocytic nevi on their faces which were removed. The area was cleaned with spirit and povidone-iodine and under local anesthesia, a number 15 surgical blade was utilized to carry out the shave excision, followed by simple touch cautery with diathermy. All patients were seen after 2 weeks and then every two months for four months. Oral antibiotics were used for five days. Topical mild corticosteroid cream was used for one month to prevent pigmentation. Results: Two weeks after surgery, post-surgical erythema was noticed and this gradually gone leaving no scar or pigmentation during follow up period 2 - 4 months following excision. No complications or relapse were observed in any case treated. Full satisfaction with the result outcome was achieved in all patients. Conclusion: Shaving of ordinary nevi followed by touch with diathermy needle is an excellent surgical technique without complications or repigmentation.


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