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The potential of selected plant extracts in anti-acne skincare formulations

Consumer awareness and the desire to reach for cosmetics with natural ingredients are still growing. The active ingredients of plants can reduce acne lesions and skin redness accompanying them. Specialised cosmetic formulations should support Anti-acne products containing therapeutic agents, reducing visible skin inflammation. These products should act simultaneously, ensuring proper skincare due to the content of plant metabolites exhibiting desired biological activity. In this study, the application of a selected plant extract in cosmetic preparations for acne skincare containing selected plant extracts was prepared: Arnica montana flower, Sambucus nigra and Rosmarinus officinalis leaf, Saponaria officinalis root, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice and Silybum marianum seed oil and then their effects were compared. The extracts were applied as active ingredients in face cream, serum and micellar solution formulations. The physicochemical properties (pH value, stability, dispersed phase particle size and type of emulsion) were evaluated; moreover, rheological tests of the samples were carried out, and the skin cleansing ability of the micellar solution was examined. In addition, all the formulations were subject to various tests, which allowed for the evaluation of their organoleptic properties. It was noticed that the used plant raw materials affect the care of the skin with acne tendencies. Both extracts (Arnica montana flower extract and Sambucus nigra extract) were used in the same concentrations in the cosmetics so that differences in results were easy to compare. Importantly, during the consumer tests, the probants discontinued usage of other anti-acne agents normally applied, which allowed for an objective assessment of the effect of the tested extracts on the

acne skin. The formulations tested were proven to be effective cosmetics supporting anti-acne therapy.


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