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Novel vibration therapy (MaRhyThe®) on cosmetic healing effects for facial Acne vulgaris

This pre-post clinical trial aimed to determine the effect of Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe®) on healing facial acne vulgaris in terms of reduction in severity and count of lesions. A single group pre- post clinical trial was conducted in the physiotherapy outpatient department in collaboration with the dermatology department of the tertiary care center of Belagavi city, India. Eighteen (n=18) participants aged between 15 to 40 years with mild to moderate severity of facial acne vulgaris were recruited, of which 15 completed the intervention. Two sessions of MaRhyThe® were given for 60 minutes per session. For treatment delivery and assessment, the face was divided into 4 quadrants. Assessments were taken before the 1st session and on the 7th day after the second treatment session. Outcome measures were the Investigators’ global assessment (IGA) scale, facial quadrant acne lesion count, and patient satisfaction scale. Analysis by student’s t-test revealed a statistically significant improvement in the severity of acne (p=0.0000) and count of comedones (p = 0.0020) and papules (p = 0.0050). Two sessions of MaRhyThe® are effective in reducing the count and severity of facial acne vulgaris by promoting healing.


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