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Mucoid pseudocysts – clinical presentations, classification, and treatment

Mucoid pseudocysts (syn. myxoid pseudocysts) are benign lesions of the distal parts of fingers and toes. Traumata and osteoarthritis seem to be involved in pathogenesis. Based upon their localization, three subtypes can be differentiated. We report a retrospective investigation over 20 years on MP’s, demographics, classification and treatment. We identified 22 patients with 23 lesions. The male to female ratio was 2.3. The mean age was 55.1 years with a range of 26 to 77 years. The majority of lesions belonged to type A, while type C was the least common. Surgery with Oberst block anesthesia was performed for 15 lesions with a cure rate of 100%. The cure rate with laser therapy was 86%. Laser therapy is an alternative for type A lesions only.


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