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Hair loss: BDD clinical correlates


Background: Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is among the most prevalent psychiatric disorders encountered in dermatological and cosmetic surgery settings. The aim of the study was to assess the prevalence of BDD among patients seeking dermatology treatment for hair loss, by comparing it to healthy controls, and to identify clinical and personality correlates of BDD symptoms. Methods: A total of 228 participants (172 dermatology patients and 56 controls) were administered a validated, clinician-administered BDD scale (BDD YBOCS) accompanied by several self-rated scales measuring state clinical characteristics and personality traits. Results: Of the 172 patients seeking treatment for hair loss, 22.75% had mild, 26.35% moderately severe and 8.98% severe BDD symptomatology. The Hair Loss Group scored significantly higher in the BDD-YBOCS scale than the Control Group (U = 1,797.00, z = -6.65). Significantly higher mean scores of psychopathology and trait anxiety and neuroticism scores were found in the hair-loss dermatology sample compared to the control group. Conclusions: Dermatology patients seeking treatment for hair loss are a diagnostically complex population with diverse needs. Psychological interventions targeting distress or underlying psychopathology may benefit these patients, regardless of concurrent

BDD diagnosis.


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