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Figurate eczema of the forearm in a hairdresser

Hairdressers are among high risk professions for occupational skin diseases development, and major attention is usually dedicated to contact allergy. However, infections are behind the corner, and should not be undervalued. We present an emblematic case of tinea incognita, for the iconography, typical history of misdiagnosis, mimicking contact eczema and incongruous treatment with corticosteroids. Actual COVID-19 pandemic restrictive measures caused an additional diagnostic delay, blocking the access to outpatient dermatology service. However, the diagnosis is very simple, when direct microscopic examination is available or grace to selective culture medium disposal. The latter do not require incubation, the dermatophytes growing at room temperature in few days, inducing the change in the medium color. Further identification of the dermatophyte species requires a more experienced mycology laboratory, but it is not essential for the treatment choice.


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