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Eva Endosphères Therapy: a non invasive treatment for face aging

Compressive microvibration consists of a series of rapid vibratory movements transmitted to the tissues with a succession of "pressure and vibrations". The mechanical oscillations of defined amplitude and frequency in relation to the resistance of the tissue, act on the cutaneous and hypodermic structures, but also on the muscular and tendinous apparatus, thus interconnecting with the deep muscular band. The compressive microvibrations are obtained by means of a special "honeycomb" arrangement of the 55 soft silicone spheres which, placed in a cylinder containing a sophisticated system of misarranged axles, rotate around themselves with rapidity, causing a pulsed and rhythmic movement. It is precisely in the variation of the frequency, pressure and vibration, that the secret of the various therapeutic responses is obtainable, with analgesic action, draining, vascularizing, trophic and restructuring, finalized with the reduction of connective and deep muscular pain, using the physiological regenerative reactions. From experiences using Endosphères Body, we have observed the results using the new methodology Endosphères Face EVA in nine volunteer ambulatory patients requiring this not invasive treatment to increase skin lightness and reduce face wrinkles. Using Antera 3D Camera for Skin Surface Analysis before and after six sessions of treatments in 13 weeks, we have valued the improvement of cutaneous roughness (20,5%) skin brightness (7,79%) and increase in vascularization by hemoglobin diffusion (28,5%), thus the satisfaction of patients valued 8,11 (from1 to 10). All treatments presented no side effects or complications.

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