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Compressive microvibration with “Endosphères Therapy”

Between 2000 and 2007, a lot of innovative ideas were presented to the medical world about the treatment of cellulitis and unesthetic lipoedema; very interesting was a new non-invasive methodology that used a revolutionary strategy to create, through the action of 55 soft silicone spheres rotating inside a cylindrically shaped apparatus, different stimulations and vibrations into the tissues aimed at vascularizing, draining, analgesic and restructuring responses. First clinical observations and scientific studies, followed by Professor Raoul Saggini, director of the Postgraduate School of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the “G. D'Annunzio University” of Chieti, and by Professor Pier Antonio Bacci, Professor in Phlebology and Aesthetic Surgery at the University of Siena, highlighted new mechanisms that could be useful in the field of aesthetic medicine, phlebolymphology, thermalism, physical medicine and sports medicine. In October 2008, the first scientific rationale was filed with the Official Association of Doctors and Surgeons of Arezzo. The present writing aims to retrace the scientific basis that led to the realization of the new method and the conclusions of that scientific rationale, reviewing it in the light of twenty years of experience with current knowledge.

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