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A message to the plastic and dental surgeons


Background. “Pain” is one of the defense mechanisms of the body and fundamental for life support. However, the orofacial pain of trigeminal neuralgia plays no role in the body’s defense mechanisms and requires therapeutic intervention. Methods. In our study we analyzed how the anatomical variations of the III trigeminal branch should be considered in case of persistence of painful symptoms after maxillofacial and dental surgery treatments. Results. In our case reports we have shown how a careful medical history and a thorough radiological technique can highlight the anatomical variations of the III trigeminal branch. Conclusion. The indication for a radiological study of the anatomical variations of the III branch of the trigeminal nerve is mainly supported by the request to perform any intervention in order to avoid complications in case of double or triple nerve canal or even motor damage at the level of the temporal and mandibular joint.


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