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Journal of Applied Cosmetology, Vol. 32 iss. 3/4 Jul - Dec, 2014


Message from the Editor in-Chief

Original Laboratory Studies

105 Treatment of Hair Thinning and Hair Ageing with Specific Lectican
and Leucine Proteoglycans. A review
E. Thom, J. Wadstein, E. W. Thom, D. H. Kingsley

General Articles

117 The Italian Cosmetic System
G. A. Positano
Special Reports

131 An interesting congress in a wonderful and warming city: Beijing
Xing-Hua Gao, Jianzhong Zhang, Hong-Duo Chen, P. Morganti


139 Culture and Bio-green Economy as Pillars of the Progress. The Bio-
Mimetic EU Project goes in this direction
P. Morganti

Book Reviews

145 Structural Colors in the Realm of Nature

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