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Journal of Applied Cosmetology, Vol. 32 iss. 1/2 Jan - Jun, 2014


1 Message from the Editor in-Chief

Original Laboratory Studies

3 Activity of Chitin Nanofibrils Block-Copolymers Entrapping
Zn/Al/SA/Allantoin on Seborrheic Dermatitis. A randomized
double-blind placebo controlled study
P. Morganti, G. Fabrizi, M. Palombo, M. Cardillo, A. Cardillo, P. Del Ciotto, F. Carezzi,
G. Morganti

General Articles

21 Biological Application of Chitosans
U. Cornelli, P. Morganti

31 Biological Activity of Less Known Minor Components of Extra Virgin
Olive Oil
P. Viola, M. Viola

Book Reviews

41 Handbook of Immunological Properties of Engineered

49 The Skin Care Ingredient Handbook

51 Apply Topically: A Practical Guide to Formulating Topical


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