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Treatment of immature scars after plastic surgery using a two-wavelength vascular laser

Background and Objective: The aesthetic result and patient satisfaction with plastic surgery is largely determined by the condition of the postoperative scars. Early laser treatment is aimed at solving the problem at the beginning of its development and preventing the formation of a full-blown pathological scar. The aim of the study was to evaluate the results achieved with early laser treating immature post-surgical scars with excessive activity of fibro-proliferative processes using two-wavelengths vascular laser system Nd:YAP/KTP with laser radiation generation of 1079 and 540 nm. Materials and Methods: This prospective pilot clinical study included 18 patients with immature scars with a tendency to hypertrophy after plastic surgery on the face and body. Laser treatment was carried out using a two-wavelength vascular laser system Nd:YAP/KTP with laser radiation generation of 1079 and 540 nm. Each patient underwent three laser sessions. The treatment effectiveness was assessed by the value of dynamics POSAS, DLQI and evaluation of the ultrasound images of scar before and 2 weeks after the third treatment session. Side effects and potential complications were recorded at each visit. Results: All patients of study group reported good improvement and expressed their satisfaction with the treatment. PSOAS and DLQI scores decreased significantly at the end of the study, reflecting an improvement in the condition of the postoperative scars and patient’s quality of life. Moreover, ultrasound analysis revealed an decrease in dermal thickness (P < 0.01) and increase echogenicity of scar tissue. No complications or undesirable side effects were reported during this study. Conclusion: The use of a two-wavelenghts laser system Nd:YAP/ KTP (1079/540 nm) in the early stages of an immature post-surgery scar showed high efficiency in improving the appearance of the scar, a preventing its subsequent growth, lack of negative effects.


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