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Prevalence of Body Dysmorphic Disorder Among Patients Seeking Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures

Introduction: Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) affects 3-16% of patients seeking cosmetic surgical procedures characterized by preoccupation with imagined or minimal defect in their external physical appearance, leading to seek multiple cosmetic procedures and surgeries. We conducted this study to assess the prevalence of BDD among patients seeking cosmetic procedures. Materials and methods: A specific questionnaire was designed to collect baseline characteristics of patients seeking cosmetic procedures. Body Dysmorphic Disorder Questionnaire-Dermatology Version (BDD-IV) was used to assess BDD patients, who were later re-evaluated by psychodermatologist to confirm the diagnosis. Results: 131 patients were enrolled in the study.The prevalence of BDD was is 6.1% (n=8). The mean age in the BDD group was 25.88 ± 7.140 years which was lower compared to non BDD group. 62.5% (n=5) of BDD patients were females. All of them (100%) were concerned about defects over face. 87.5% of BDD (n=7) patients had history of multiple prior consultations and 62.5% (n=5) BDD patients had history of multiple prior procedures done. This was high compared to non BDD group and is statistically significant. Two patients (25%) with BDD had depression and had suicidal ideations in the past which was also statistically significant when compared to non BDD group. Conclusion: Our results indicate the prevalence of BDD of 6.1% in patients seeking cosmetic dermatology procedures. Majority of BDD patients showed history of prior multiple consultations and procedures. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons should be aware of this entity to avoid unnecessary procedures.


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